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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Few Summertime Favorites

I heart the summertime, I really do. What a great time to show off all of those fav peep-toes, no? When it comes to my toes, I must admit I'm a tad bit snobby. I've used tons of polishes in the past, but nowadays my go-to brand is Essie. This summer, my fav hue is this hot-pink number called Super Bossa Nova ($8). (by the way, did you know you can buy Essie at Target now? Way cool. Lucky for me, I was provided this sample to try.) It's bright, cheery and the perfect shade of pink to make your feet look chic. (Style tip: Never let your toes go bare!) 

P.S. The rest of the collection is pretty as well, including Smooth Sailing, a lavender blue with a touch of pearl. Oh, summertime.
If you've seen my photos at all, you know I'm a chic hue of pasty. (Yes, chic. Too much of a "real" tan is not good for your skin folks!) You know I'm a big believer in the spray tan, but guess what? I've found a brand-new love. Seriously, I'm soooo excited about this and can't thank the PR girls enough for my samples (can I have a lifetime supply? ok, nevermind...). It's Kate Somerville's Somerville360 Tanning Towelettes ($48 for a box of 8). They're pretty much like a baby wipe (um, sorry for the new-mom-language), and you unfold the towel to rub in a circular motion all over your body, including your face! They actually feel really good because they're hydrating and contain no chemicals (hooray!) like parabens and such (not sure what's in those spray tans to be honest, so this is refreshing...). 

My first try I missed a couple of spots completely (you can't see the "tan" while you're applying), so I went over it again the next day to "repair." The next couple of tries I got better and better, so don't panic at first because it does take practice. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually cheaper than getting a $50 spray tan every time. I used one towel and that was plenty. FYI, it takes two to four hours to show up. So get out a magazine, take a nap, then watch your (natural-looking!) tan magically appear.
I've heard about this cult favorite mascara for years, so I squealed with over-excitement when I was offered a sample. I've been using my DiorShow mascara ($24.50) for at least a month now, and, it's true. LOVE it. Never have my lashes felt so much like they existed. They're thicker and darker and I thank Dior so much for it. I feel so feminine and, dare I say, glam, when I wear this mascara. It's worth every penny, beauty mavens. (I'm batting my lashes at you right now, in fact.) Get out your wallets now!

P.S. The more I use it the clumpier the brush gets, so I'm thinking about using a bottle to lightly "mist" it to free the clumps.
[Photos Courtesy Essie; Sephora.com]

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