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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fluxus for Fall: Falling in Love

Before you head out for the weekend, please note. Fluxus makes our heart flutter. What do you think? Aren't you completely obsessed? I was shopping in a local store last year flipping through the racks and stumbled upon Fluxus and asked, "oh wow, you carry Fluxus?!" The salesgirl wanted to know how I "knew about it" already - folks, that's how cool (and coveted) it is. Haha. I usually think of Fluxus as an out-of-this-world spring/summer line (which it is!) because many of the tees in the line are so incredibly lightweight (I mean, feathers!), but I've had the chance to get a sneak peek at the fall lookbook here recently, and I'm astounded at how many great things they plan to offer for fall/winter. I want most (ok, all!) of it! 

I'm honestly not so sure how great I look in gray, but I'm always drawn to it - I love it! And drapey gets me every time - the vest above (Jessica Alba swears by the wrap version!), the "Vespa" pants below (you might cringe by looking at them, but I guarantee you these are the kind of pants you put on and they transform you!), and the jumpsuit. (Background: I've had this "thing" for jumpsuits lately, and this one had me at hello. I bet it looks amazing on as well!)

And, of course, more hot tees for fall, which look great layered with vests, scarves, other tees, etc. I'll be scooping up tons of Fluxus goods come fall - won't you join me?

P.S. Fluxus has a new unisex (three-piece and limited-edition) collab with the L.A.-based band De Signer. Prices range from $69-109 and complement all body types. Not to be greedy, but we'll take one of everything, please.

[Photos Courtesy Fluxus]

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