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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I Wore My Heels...To Lunch

This weekend I had the chance to catch up with L., one of my best friends from college who just had a baby a few months ago. little C. is, of course, 17 months now, so we had much to chat about over (you guessed it) our salads. I was squealing all day because I haven't seen in her in a month (since S's wedding) and I got to eat at my absolute fav salad place in town (they have a "yogurt dill" dressing that is to.die.for.good.). Afterwards, we went baby clothes shopping - and then SHOE SHOPPING. I literally walked around in these wedges for hours and I promise they didn't hurt my feet (I won't name names, but even some of the most beloved wedges I own can hurt my feet after just a little while...). Not sure why they didn't hurt, but I was pretty happy. While I didn't buy any shoes this weekend (shoe break...alas....), L. found some wedges that were totally swoon-worthy. 

Here's how I wore my heels:
* Drop earrings (gosh, I can't remember where I bought these but I think I bought them on a beach vacation...they're sort of heavy and little C. loves to grab them, so I don't wear them much, but love how big they are!)
* Black sequin tank by Loomstate (I found this on a Barneys shopping trip (love those) and love the dainty sequins...plus it's organic cotton and major lightweight, so hard to resist wearing lately in this heat.)
* Jeans by Citizens of Humanity (These have been in my closet awhile after I spotted them at a sidewalk sale at a local shop for, get this, $50! COH knows how to make a great-fitting jean, too. I never had these hemmed, so I always roll up the legs - it works.)
* Black chunky bracelet (When I was in L.A. a couple of years ago, I found this at Kitson. They have the cutest accessories! I almost fainted when I left this in the bathroom at work...I even left a note on the mirror for its safe return.)
* 3-Zip Rocker clutch by Rebecca Minkoff (I almost died when I saw this hidden in the corner at TJ Maxx - I had always wanted a "RM." It's everything to me, haha. Lots of pockets and a detachable strap make it super versatile and all-around lovely.)
* Black wedges gifted by Wanted (These are the amazingly comfortable shoes I discussed above, so you must own a pair, really. I love how they are black (because most of mine are brown) and the wedge is merely lined by rope. So different and so cute!)

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