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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Julianne Hough Wears the Hat Attack Panama Hat

I don't know how she stays looking so amazing (um, dancing perhaps?), but Julianne Hough sure does make a simple straw hat look beyond fabulous, no? (She also makes me high-tail it to the gym this afternoon, ouch.)

Hat Attack must have the cutest hats around, and Julianne's been wearing the Panama Hat from the spring collection while on vacay (better hurry as I'm sure it's selling like hotcakes as I type this...). I was recently involved in Hat Attack's Skin Cancer Awareness campaign and wore my own hat from the line, and I must say it never leaves my head these days (well, I mean I don't sit around at home in it, c'mon!). But, seriously, I do wear it all the time. (err, only slightly embarrassed to link to my pic after the ones above, haha, no judging...) Now, how to make my hair look chic with my hat in an updo. That is the question. (oh, and wear a swimsuit like Julianne...ok, moving on from that one!)

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