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Monday, June 6, 2011

LovingEco Launches Today

You know I love it when I can be eco, right? So, what's cool is there is a new site launching today called LovingEco that offers super-chic (members-only) eco-friendly products up to 70-percent off (and you know these things can add up, right?). 

It sounds so cool to me, I just had to share. You can browse a selection of Earth-friendly products all in one spot - from shoes and handbags to clothing and beauty products. I think it's an amazing idea, personally. Some of the brands include: Kenya, Eberjey, Novica and Souchi. I love that I'm not familiar with many of these brands - it makes me want to learn much more about them and start browsing now. Let me know if you try it because I'd love to hear about it from you. I plan to visit the site asap! 

P.S. What's more, three-percent of net proceeds will go towards charity to help support social and environmental causes.

[Screenshot Courtesy of Bollare]


  1. I joined the site when it launched! I love the tastemaker picks. have you gone through any of the sales yet?

  2. Hi Alissa!

    So cool...don't you love it? I haven't bought anything, but browse the sales quite often! I'm sure eventually my wallet will give in. :)


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