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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Bird is the Word

While little C. isn't a baby anymore (oh, let me tell you, he has hit his toddler stage dead on this week!!), my little niece M. is still a tiny three months old and still very much in the feeding-all-the-time-stage. Obviously, you can't just stick any ol' bib on these babies. (wink, wink) I came across this super-cute line called Baby JaR the other day, and I'm hooked. Since I need not buy any more tiny bibs and burpies for my little C., I shall pamper little M. to my heart's content! We were sent samples of the new "Palmona's Nest" collection from Baby JaR and I just fell in love. Aren't these sweet?

Pink, pink and more pink! Girls should be saturated in pink always, right? My fav piece is the bib ($14) above because it's reversible to either birds (so vintage chic-looking, no?) or the side with pink and rainbow stripes (it's also velour terrycloth, so it really absorbs!). You can also buy a set of three burpies like the below for $35 (Kourtney Kardashian uses these with Mason!). In my experience (listen, new moms!), these are the most practical things EVER. You'll use them and use them. And with these by Baby JaR, you'll look chic using them.

P.S. About little C. these days? He's a mess! I can't believe it, but he already thinks his crib is "so yesterday," so he's now sleeping in a "big boy bed." For serious - whoa. He's also wanting me to put on his sunglasses for him every day now to wear around the house - hilarious. I'll post on those next week...
[Photos Courtesy Baby JaR]

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