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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: PJ Time

I have to say, little C. wears almost every, single thing in clothing from babyGap. When I was a young girl dreaming of the kids I would have someday (haha), I always told my mom I would have a "Gap baby." (Let me add, I used to work there and squealed over all of the tiny duds all day long.) When my sister had kids, I doted over their little babyGap outfits, but finally in 2009, the year came when I could dress my own Gap baby!! (I'm so dramatic, I know...) Now? My fav thing to buy little C. are his PJs. These little things are the cutest thing you ever will see. Seriously. (And they're only $16 each if you buy two of them, which I'm prone to do...) He currently has the hippo pattern above on rotation with the race cars and lion, but I must say the little shorts pattern on these makes me squeal every time. (In the winter he wears the pants and long sleeves.) I will go ahead and say I love the shorts much more than the race car romper style (so picky, I know...) because the romper is very hard to get on and off when changing a diaper. Maybe something to consider for your older guys. Now, on to contemplating my next style...I think I'm going with the snorkel set. Wink, wink. 

P.S. At least once a week, we have "PJ day" where both he and I wear our PJs allllll day long. It's the best (and yes, I know we're such dorks!)!

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