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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How I Wore My Heels...Fourth of July

Did you have a fabulously chic Fourth of July? I pulled out all the stops with my new shimmery stars tank and blue ombre heels. While we didn't have any fireworks (I just dread those things! Call me un-American, but I'd rather do anything, but shoot fireworks.), we did have a nice family cookout and use our newly-vamped pool. Let's just say swimming with little C. is not quite the same as my old days of lounging around the pool, sigh...But, alas, we did have every bit of fun floating him around in his turtle floatie and splashing water all around. Um, this isn't the outfit I chose for that portion of the day, obvi....

Here's how I wore my heels:
* Blue stars tank by Rebecca Taylor (I scooped this up on our recent beach vacay and often wear it with white jeans. The first time I wore it I spilled a snow cone on it and freaked. Luckily, the dry cleaners got it out pronto. )
* Blue pinstripe skirt by Old Navy (I have no idea when I bought this skirt, but it's been a staple in my closet ever since.)
* Blue ombre heels by Antonio Melani (I come from "Dillard's land" down south, and this brand is one of the best "budget" brands around. They make great heels at an affordable price - and these are *way* comfy!)
* Brown belt by Club Monaco (I always buy my belts here - they're just too cute to pass up!)
* Owl pendant from Hemline in New Orleans


  1. I like how you've put together an outfit from so many different sources (from Old Navy to Club Monaco) and make it work so well. The top is so appropriate for the occasion, too. I've never heard of Antonio Melani here on the East Coast...Is it only available at Dillards? (We don't have Dillards here, either). Thanks!!

  2. Thanks, Adriana! Isn't the top perfect? I'm pretty sure Antonio Melani is strictly a "Dillard's brand." But you might could search for it online because there might be some online sites that carry it. Good luck! xoxo


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