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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How I Wore My Heels...to the Bookstore

I'm such a bookworm. Ok, magazine worm, fine. I could sit at Barnes & Noble (latte in hand) for hours on end. These days, with little C., I'm only afforded that opportunity every now and then, but lately I've been taking little C. to the kid's section and he l-o-v-e-s it just like his mama (the bookstore, that is). We generally walk out of there with something new...one time it was his spotted stuffed dog, Dot, and another it was a Little Critters alphabet book. The moment in these heels? Yep, that was one of my alone trips. There's nothing better than reading a pile of fashion magazines in sweet heels!

Here's how I wore my heels:
* Brown "T" by Alexander Wang (A proud little Barneys find when I ducked inside for a bit of shopping during the pouring rain in NY last visit...that's what rain is good for, right? A. Wang is my hero, and makes super-amazing tees, by the way.)
* Black zipper leggings gifted by Radenroro (I've worn these in another post, but they're the most comfy leggings that still look dressy and chic...they have a slight sheen to them. I love how they scrunch at the bottom!)
* 3-zip Rocker crossbody bag by Rebecca Minkoff (My first RM bag, and I have another (much larger) in layaway at TJ Maxx at the ready, haha. I'm pretty much addicted.)
* Lace-up booties gifted by DKNY (I just posted on these heels a couple of weeks ago. They're both insanely gorgeous and comfy. You must meet them in person...you can call them "Anna.")


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