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Friday, July 15, 2011

Trend Alert! Leopard Jeans

And all of a sudden I'm dying to own a pair of leopard jeans. I swear to you within the last day they've started popping up on everyone, everywhere. And now I feel like I want a pair myself, call me crazy. These pants are soooo not like me - they're bold, they're eye-catching and they're a tad bit trendy. But, there's no going back now. I want them.

Mandy Moore has been wearing the Current/Elliott Leopard Stiletto Jean (and no, the name is not why I want them, rolling my eyes...ok, maybe it has something to do with it) in Camel. 

I hate to say it, but it's almost impossible to wear heels with these without looking like a...well, you know. So stick to flats, please, and wear something a little bit oversized and muted. Yes, leopard jeans can be chic if you follow these simple rules. Wink. 

Now, off to try on my first pair... have a chic weekend. Air kisses...xoxo

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