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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Potty Time

Ok, everyone! Time to talk about potties. Haha. Not exactly something you want to talk about, right? But, if you're a new mom or mom-to-be, we must! Let's get it over with, can we? little C. is at the age where all of the books say he "could possibly" be ready for potty-training. So, when I received my potty sample of the Potty Chair from Baby Bjorn ($29.99), I immediately set it in little C's bathroom next to the big potty. He went right to it, and he already knows he should sit on it! First step=accomplished. We've been doing this with his diaper on (sigh) for about a month now, and I'm still working on where to take it, honestly. Obviously, at 19 months, he's still a bit young. But, hey, miracles do happen. And I'm quite determined this little miracle will happen by the end of the year. Say a potty prayer for me?

P.S. Some of the things I love about this potty (ours is green, by the way) is that little C. fits perfectly on it, so it seems really comfy for him. He even brought a book the other day, haha. The high backrest is also nice, and it fits very easily in our bathroom (which isn't that large). I can't vouch for the cleaning as I haven't been lucky on that aspect yet, but it seems like the removable "inner potty" will make things much nicer. Ick, ick and ick. Any tips, send 'em my way...

[Photo Courtesy Baby Bjorn]

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