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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ahnu Windsor is Exercise Chic

Before you start judging this photo - yes, it's a running shoe - let me say that I don't wear heels every second of the day. I mean, who does, right? And in case you didn't know, I'm an avid Pilates fan and practice several times a week (heard of "the hundred" anyone? killer...ouch!). But, I also love the occasional jog (I'm a treadmill girl...give me FLAT) and the elliptical is my friend. When it's nice outside in the fall, D. and I like to walk the trails around our house...they're so handy! And, obviously, I have a 20-month-old now (aka little C.) who keeps me on my feet, so tennis shoes are pretty much a given many days. Enter the Ahnu Windsor

Honestly, I've never felt more chic in my workout gear. As I was jogging just the other days, I was thinking to myself over Jay-Z, "ya know, these really are like wearing your house shoes on the treadmill." So light on my feet! But, the main thing is my feet don't get hot. I'm very hot-natured, so when I work out it amplifies (a man once told me leaving the gym, "well, looks like you got a good workout today."). I mean, my face turns bright red...I sweat...it's so not chic and pretty. But, these Ahnu shoes are made of a breathable mesh upper that saves my feet (they are used to being in heels, you know) and incorporate a special Numentum Technology System to keep the foot just right in position. Another plus? They retail for just $90 (not bad for such a luxe running shoe...anything under $100 is a great price to me!). I might not be ready for a marathon, but I'll sure look cute on that treadmill. Wink.

P.S. Ok, I admit it. This fashion girl proooobably loves the fact that this shoe comes in Mood Indigo, Sterling Blue, Purple Ash and Medium Gray. I chose Sterling Blue for my sample, and wear my shoes with lots of blue and gray. Love.

[Photo Courtesy Ahnu]

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