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Sunday, August 14, 2011

John Frieda Frizz-Ease: Miracle Product (Win One!)

Hi frizz-fighting fashionistas! Julie here. I'm writing to let you in on an amazing product I've just now sampled (after hearing tons of great things about it forever) - John Frieda's Frizz-Ease. See, I always thought it was only for you curly-haired-gals, or at least those with a decent amount of wave to your hair. I have a little bit of wave, for sure, but I generally style my hair pretty straight, so I always thought, eh. Why do I need a product for frizz? But, alas, I do, I do!

Obviously it work wonders when applying to those waves and curls, but what I've been doing is applying the Frizz-Ease serum to my wet/damp straight (combed-out) hair before I blow-dry it at night. I just use a little more than a dime's worth (a little more because I have a lot of hair!) and work it through my hair lightly with my fingertips. It smells so good, too! I then wipe off my hands before I pick up the dryer because this stuff can be slippery, and my dryer is pretty precious to me. The first time after I used it my mom commented on how good my hair looked, so I used it again. And again. Until now I can't imagine not slathering a little on just before I hit the dryer. It tames my tresses just enough to where I don't look like a victim of the horrid humidity down here. I never knew I had "frizz" until I actually tried to fix it. Hmph. Who would've thought? Store this in your drawer of miracle products fast because it's affordable, too (just $8.99). 

Wanna win a full-sized set of all three products - Original Strength Serum, Smooth Start Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner? Just enter your name in the box below and cross your peep-toes! We'll pick a winner one week from today. xoxo

[Photo Courtesy John Frieda]

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