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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smart Banking & Managing My Shoe Fund

You're going to wonder why on earth today's post is about banking, aren't you? The fact of the matter is, money is involved in everything we do and every shopping decision we make. Am I right? Just this past weekend I went on a major shopping trip out of state. I didn't just blow my money, folks. I saved for this trip. I worked it into my budget (it's called "shoe fund," hello!) and I responsibly checked in with my bank along the way as I was using it to make sure I stayed on track (who can live without online banking these days, I mean really??). 

Being a lover of all things shopping means smart financial decisions are not even an option. If I blew all of my money on silly things all the time, it would catch up to me, and my shoe closet would eventually suffer. We don't want that at...all. Having multiple accounts, watching my online banking like a hawk and keeping a steady "shoe fund" are all ways I'm using my bank and money smartly. And I don't plan on minimizing my shoe closet anytime soon! So, see you in the shoe department...(after you've done your budget, of course!)

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