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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Style Expert Michael Cohen Provides His 3 Celebrity Do's

Have you checked out AskMichaelCohen.com yet? This amazing site by Huffington Post Style columnist/Us Weekly contributor Michael Cohen has runway coverage, trend reporting, entertainment news and an interactive forum so you can chat fashion with Michael and other readers. What I love is that Michael talks about the attainable and not just aspirational when it comes to fashion...and he's hilarious. We had a chance to ask Michael our own burning questions, and here's what he said!
I Heart Heels: What do you think we'll see a lot of this fall in shoes...will booties stick around?  
Michael Cohen: I have to admit, I'm loving this season’s bootie, which is decadently embellished. Wave au revoir to minimalism and say bonjour to fur, snakeskin, fringe, studs, lace and so much more. It seems "the more the merrier."
IHH: Who are three celebrities that are a "DO" most every time they get dressed?  
MC: It’s very rare that I can ever rip apart Victoria Beckham (I think she probably sleeps fashionably). Ashley Olsen does double duty to make up for messy Mary-Kate, and even though Blake Lively never brushes her hair, being Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for Chanel has propelled her to the top of the fashion charts.  

IHH: How does someone wear white and get away with it? I struggle with this one. 
MC: First of all, you don’t wear white without Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin because white shows everything. But I die for the white fur that Alexander Wang has out this season.  

IHH: I work out a lot. Is it possible to look chic going to the gym?
MC: Being chic at the gym is really about being a sweaty hot mess. You’re there to work out. The only chic thing on you should be gadgets like amazing Bose headphones. Be cute after the gym.  

IHH: You write a "Chic Cents" column. What are a couple of things shoppers should look for when looking to buy something less expensive?  
MC: Stay away from embellishments. Pay attention to details like stitching and make sure materials are as close to the real things as possible such as leather, corks, woods, etc. Plastic will take you as far as the corner.

[Photo Courtesy JonesWorks]

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