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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Chic Feet

Bear with me, chicsters. I'm having an OMG moment. The Ash Kids Collection is now available, and aren't you dying over these "Funky" and "Fanta" studded and leather high tops? Cool kids unite, indeed. 

P.S. These are available at the Ash Soho store at 44 Mercer Street. Not in NYC? I'm sure they would gladly ship them to your little chic one. Wink.

[Photo Courtesy Ash]


  1. Have you checked out Joyfolie shoes? They are my favorites! They are more geared to the girly-girl/fashionista but several celebs kids/babies have been wearing them!

  2. LOVE these - my Grandson LOVES lots of Buckles, etc. -- he would REALLY like these!

  3. Thanks, Jen. I hadn't hear of that line, so will have to check it out! If only little C. wore more than his Crocs, lol.

    Holly, yes I am sure he would LOVE these. If not wearing, playing with them, ha!


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