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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Olive Juice

Until my sister explained to me in the car on last weekend's road trip to Dallas (more to come on that later this week!) that if you mouth the words "olive juice" it looks as if you are saying "I love you," I honestly had no idea. Am I being dense here?! Sooooo cute! I use it all the time now, haha. Especially now that I have the kid's clothing company, Olive Juice, on my mind. I can't stand how super-duper cute this little line is - and it's for babies and toddlers. (Love that because a lot of brands only start with toddlers...)

We were lucky enough to receive a sample of one of the new fall sweaters and it's already the sweater of little C.'s wardrobe. He will be styling come fall, let me tell you (so European!). (Click here if you wanna sneak peek at the boy's collection for fall!) The ribbing is so classic, and the buttons by the collar add that extra detail to make my little one a fine-looking young man. And it retails for just $50...not bad for a really nice sweater! But, trust me, you won't be able to walk away from the girl's pieces, either. They are beyond words!

“Clothes4Souls is honored to be partnering with a company that holds our mission so close to their heart. Thousands of individuals affected by poverty will receive clothing because of this campaign." -- Wayne Elsey, Founder & CEO, Clothes4Souls

Something else up the Olive Juice ribbed-knit-sleeve is their new partnership with Clothes4Souls (heard of Soles4Souls? This is the apparel division!). In a “buy one, give one” effort, Olive Juice will provide for one item of clothing for every item purchased through the special microsite: olivejuicegives.com. These donated items will then go to a child in need with the help of Clothes4Souls. Pretty amazing, right? We love this idea, and hope you will help out! 

P.S. What's little C. up to now? Gosh, he's growing! The little (err, big!) guy is in the 65th percentile for his height and his fav game now is to "play ball" where he throws the ball away from me. Trust me, I'm not sitting around this computer all day. Oof. I do also spend countless minutes at a time watching his fav video, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and that infamous coconut tree (you mom know what I mean!). He's only allowed 30 minutes of video right now, so I enjoy it while I can. Wink.
[Photos Courtesy Olive Juice]

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