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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Tiny TOMS

They're tiny. They're TOMS. They're Tiny TOMS. Oh-my-gosh...just let me squeeeeeeal really quick! Ok, outta my system. Now that fall is around the corner (even though the temperature doesn't necessarily feel that way...), it's time for mama to start thinking about new shoes. For little C., that is! I will probably end up having to hide his poor sandals he loves so much, but I just know he's going to fall hard for these little TOMS. (He loves to give out hugs, so maybe he'll give them one?)

I myself own a pair of black TOMS and think they are quite possibly the comfiest shoes I own (the rumors are true, folks!). So...tiny TOMS come in tons of colors and patterns (and they're only $29). We're talking cords and tweed and plaid, oh my! But guess what? Yup. I wanna buy little C. the black ones. Folks, I just can't resist. I mean how adorable would we look strolling around the block in our matching TOMS? Squeal-worthy, I'm certain.

P.S. Now that I've visited the site, little C. has to own a t-shirt as well. While it doesn't say they're organic cotton, it does say "GOTS (Global Organics Textile Standard) certified low-impact dye" and "Formaldehyde-free water-based ink."

[Photo Courtesy Toms.com]

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