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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fergie Makes Pretty Shoes

If these tall black, suede wedge boots didn't get your attention on this lazy Friday afternoon, what will, chicettes?! Oh, they did? Ours, too. MAJOR. I've seen a lot of celebrity "attempts" at fashion labels in the past and they did. not. work. (shaking my head) But, you know what? Fergie Footwear is def not one of them. Obviously, I wouldn't wear every style (some are a bit flashy for my sometimes elderly taste...I am the whopping 30 now, ya know), but there is a laundry list of styles I would wear and it's taking over my Christmas list fast (yep, I have one already...). 

So, for example, I would wear, wear, wear the heck out of these wedge boot babies. The main thing that makes me obsessed over these (because after awhile, wedge boots do run together in the closet) is the sweater detail at the top and down the side. I love this!! How unique, how special, how majorly omg-worthy. They're the "Citizen" style, so look em' up. 

And the purple (Maiden) suede beauties below, hello. My name is all over these. I was just thinking about wearing a lot of darker hues for fall and adding just a pop of color with my heels. Not a bright pop of color a la spring/summer (a la the heels in my closet little C. likes to drag out because he loves bright colors...), but a nice, deeper hue like this perfectly (perfectly) pretty plum. Gosh, and can you believe they're peep-toes? (My fav, obvi.) Ribbed-knit tights are the perfect collab with this gloriously chunky heel. Want. need. hafta have.

Fergie at the I Heart Radio concert in Las Vegas wearing the Awareness heel she designed

Oh, and guess what else?! I won't keep you long, but while we're talking Fergie Ferg, she's raising awareness for breast cancer research with the Fergie Footwear Awareness shoe: 4 inches, hot pink and sparkly (simmer down, folks, I know it's getting hot in here!). Starting tomorrow, you can buy it for $79.99 on fergieshoes.com, and I certainly expect it to be a sellout. Fergie Shoes and Brown Shoe Company are donating $20,000 (!) to Susan G. Komen for the Cure - pretty amazing, right? And I must say, Fergie's looking more stunning than ever lately with that lighter hair color - LOVE.

Ok, for real. Later, lovelies. xo

[Photos Courtesy Fergie Footwear]

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