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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hanging Out at the Lacoste Showroom

By Sarah Kleinhenz, Fashion Week Correspondent

After viewing the fabulous new Lacoste spring runway collection from Felipe Oliveira Baptista, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to their showroom that they had set up just for fashion week and check out their other collections. I was really excited to be able to see everything Lacoste has been doing, up close and personal. And girlies, they've come a LONG way from their infamous alligator-embroidered polo shirt. They have several collections that I didn't even know existed! The Lacoste Lab Collection is a collection that projects the brand in the future. It identifies products that could represent the future of the brand by seeking new materials and designs. Above is the wall of a few of the designs they have projected a possible need for in the future.

The Lacoste L!VE collection is more of a youthful line. It's a blend of the classic Lacoste style with a contemporary edge. Using bright colors, a more slim-fitting approach and bold patterns, L!VE is a young-at-heart collection that embodies a union between past and present. It's very refreshing and a great way to appeal to a younger market. I, for one, was in LOVE with the bold satchels in this line. There was also this great "letterman's" jacket that I thought was a nice change to the older ones we used to wear years ago. 


A line I hadn't see in person before was their Lacoste Home Collection. This collection has comforters, sheets, blankets, towels, beach towels and even some dishwear. I loved the muted purple bedding and, of course, will have to have every color of towel they offer!

As obsessed with the spring runway show as I was, I was ecstatic that I was actually able to see the line in person! EEK! And let me tell you, it's just as obsession-worthy up close as it was on the runway. I took a few pictures of some of my favorite items. I'm a lover of all things yellow, so the shirt above was the first thing I was drawn to. And let's talk about these shoes! I'm dying over the metallic orange/nude combination of these heels! Definitely swoon-worthy. I also couldn't take my eyes off this clutch. I love the green stripe across the front. But what I love more about it is that it's also the way to carry it! Your hand slips in between the green stripe and the bag...SOOO CHIC!

We can't forget the rest of the accessories! I have a small obsession with sunglasses, so when I saw a pair of lovely pink ones, I went straight for them. I was even more in love when looking at the detail of these beauties: the rims look like an alligator's hide. What a creative way to subtly leave your "mark," so to speak. I literally squealed when I noticed the tiny, yet classy details that Lacoste is using to improve their brand. And we can't forget the jewelry. The alligator necklaces? I mean, how cute are those?? And the watches? These scream summer vacation at the beach! 

Overall, I was really impressed with Lacoste. I've worked their polos for year, but I think it's time for me to step up my game, and venture into their other lines as well. For the sporty girl, who wants a little for fashionista in her life, this is the line for you. I promise it's one worth checking out. I'm a HUGE fan of this brand and where they are going with the future of fashion! 

Thanks, Lacoste, for showing me around! 
[Photo Credit: Sarah Kleinhenz]

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