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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite Sexy Shoe, Win $10,000 to Saks!

B Brian Atwood
Diego Dolcini

Sergio Rossi

By Tiffany Piñero, Guest Blogger

Mondays are for the birds, especially Monday mornings...unless you're an avid friend and fan of Footwear News and Saks, in that case then, Mondays are marvelous. I started my morning in zip code 10022-SHOE, Saks Fifth Avenue's dream boat of a shoe salon, long before the customers came strolling through. The eighth floor was open to a select group of fabulous fashionistas and editors for a private breakfast to celebrate the launch of Saks' Sexy Shoe Contest and, of course, I was beyond excited to be a part of it. 

"It’s a great head-to-head match-up between some of today’s top talents of shoe design, so we’re excited to see who will prevail this year." -- Michael Atmore, Editorial Director for Footwear News

24 elite pairs of fantasy footwear - from B Brian Atwood and Christian Louboutin to Gucci and Stuart Weitzman - were chosen based on design, color, silhouette and the impact they will leave on a fall ensemble. Needless to say, this is a wild bunch to be coveted! Heels encrusted with rhinestones, booties that lace so far up your ankles will be out breath, oh, and feathers, just enough to help you fly south for winter. There was no genre of aesthetic left untouched. As we huddled around the chosen ones, more details were noticed and it became harder and harder to pick a bonafide winner. 

Roger Vivier

"The online contest is a great way to for us to be inclusive and engage everyone in the selection process. This program will also give shoe fans a good overview of the range of shoes available at Saks Fifth Avenue." --  Ron Frasch, President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Saks Fifth Avenue

Now, if given the choice who would you chose? 

Cast your vote NOW (you can vote daily until October 21!) and have a chance at being a Saks big winner, oh what's that? Just a $10,000 shopping spree!!!! (Second prize is a $1,500 Saks gift card...not bad either.) What are you waiting for? Pick a favorite and get yourself one step closer to making your Mondays (and everyday that follows), a little, err, a lot, more stylish. 

P.S. There's also a Sexy Shoes Magazine you can view online! 

Oscar de la Renta
Jerome C. Rousseau
[Photo Credit: Tiffany Piñero]

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  1. I love the Gucci Shoe! It is something I would wear!

    Marissa A. McCown


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