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Monday, October 24, 2011

Become the Next DIY Style Star

Here's a little something to get you excited about Monday. I'm thrilled to announce this great opportunity, girlfriends! TODAY.com is having a “DIY Style Week & Contest" today through Friday. Fun, right?! (and, by the way, DIY is do it yourself...) Only because I am absolutely horrible at anything DIY am I so caught up in sites like the ones mentioned just below. (Seriously, I can barely sew a button on my jacket and don't like glue or paint for fear of my hands getting too dirty...sigh.)

So...every day this week, the site will showcase special photo and video tutorials from the likes of Bobbie Thomas (TODAY’s style editor), Erica Domesek (P.S. I Made This), Jenni Radosevich (I Spy DIY) and others. (Love all of these girlies, by the way!!)

What's even cooler? You can submit your own unique ideas and projects – from clothing to accessories to shoes – by Friday, and Bobbie will select one lucky entry to receive a post about his/her project at TODAY.com, along with a DIY prize pack with Bobbie’s favorite items! (Winner will be announced Nov. 1)

"Style is the way you speak to the world without words. This modern view of self-expression encourages everyone to not only be unique, but resourceful. The mantra, rethink, reuse, and reinvent is great not only for the environment, but your bank account. Why wouldn’t you want to DIY?" -- Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor
Here's a list of what you can expect this week:
Monday: Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor. See how to make foiled fashion.
Tuesday:  Eric Domesek, P.S. I Made This. Learn how to make an iPad cover.
Wednesday: Geneva Vanderzeil, A Pair and A Spare. Find out the simple steps for making a scarf watch.
Thursday: Kristen Turner, Glitter ‘n Glue. Get the scoop on how to make a faux fur collar.
Friday: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY. See the simple steps for making rhinestone earrings.
So, get going, girls! I know you've got something up your rhinestone-bedazzled sleeve...

[Photo from Glitter 'n Glue...she spray-painted this satchel herself!!)

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