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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coats That Make You Go Swoooooon

Well, hello gorgeous. I was excited.com to see affordable coats (yet, with a def chic factor!) pop up in my inbox. Ladies and gents, Soia & Kyo. Sooooo many cute, cute, coats galore, I wanna try them on like yesterday. 

While they have down, leather and "second skin" styles, my favs are the tried-and-true wool ($350-395). My new best friends are Colette, Bergi and Mabel. Colette has a removable faux-fur hood and toggles that makes the fashion geek in me get all giddy. It's also a flattering hip length and this red is so very pretty. 

Bergi comes in this stunning off-white hue with a chic standup collar that will only make you stand out. It even has a lining (yep, it's practical, too!) and I'm loving that scalloped hem - adorable. What a great way to make such a structured coat a little more femme. And then there's Mabel. A great knee-length style for those really cold days (comes in handy in New York, lemme tell ya!). I'm swooning over the asymmetrical petal collar, and I love that this coat is belted. Coats can certainly get bulky, so this is a great way to flatter the figure even though you've got on layer upon layer! 

Soia & Kyo, you've sent me to coat heaven...

[Photos Courtesy Soia & Kyo]

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