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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How I Wore My Heels: Just Because

No, seriously. Have you ever worn heels around all day "just because?" I can vouch for this one. Some people put on lipstick to go to the mailbox (ok, maybe I do that one, too); I wear heels just because. They make me feel taller (duh), more confident and just all-around pretty (even if you don't think so: blush). Heels can make a girl feel like EVERYTHING. While these aren't a total heel, they're wedges, they still qualify in my book that way. Wedges are so on trend right now, if you don't own a pair, what are you waiting for, girlies? And don't forget layering. It's a major fall DO (read your November Lucky, ok?).  Now, off you go to your closet to pick out your heels for the day! You don't have to have an occasion, right?

Here's how I wore my heels:
* Pocket tee by Market (just discovered this super-soft line of amazing tees, and apparently I'm not the first...celebs LOVE it...and it was only $45!)
* Striped tank by Alternative Apparel (a fav line of mine...these folks know how to make comfy tees, too! This tank is great for layering..)
* Black pants by Gap (I bought these for the Lucky FABB Conference last month...they're the "skinny cropped" style and they're so great to wear with heels or boots. They fit snug, so pair perfect with a flowy top, love!)
* Vintage necklace (I found this at a local shop for just $30...I love all of the chains and layering...it looks like a bunch of necklaces, but is really just one. It actually set off the detector at the airport, ha!)
* Tote by Tory Burch (this tote was "free" when I bought my new Reva flats at the Tory Burch flagship in New York last month during Fashion's Night Out...it's so ideal for slinging around town or to the gym.)
* Black suede (zip!) wedges gifted from Nicole by Nicole Miller (these are some of the most comfy wedges I've owned and they zip so easily down the side...I wore them an entire day at fashion week! So cute with cropped pants, no?)

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  1. Too funny! I've got an upcoming blog post where I talk about the same kind of thing - sometimes you just need those days where you wear something just to make you feel good! Love the layered look too!


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