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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jessica Alba Rocks a Gryson Handbag

Gryson is an absolutely lovely handbag line (and so is the head designer, by the way!), and Jessica Alba tends to agree. She was seen this past weekend toting about the Gryson Maveric over brunch in L.A. The belted black leather tote from the fall collection is soooo chic I can hardly stand it. I mean, it's belted - something I have yet to see done so chicly (the belted look can be a cheap-looking disaster, but not here!). It retails for $795, so it's a true investment piece (anyone have a Gryson fund at home...raising my hand!) - and it looks like it's already sold out on the site - gasp! So, if you're interested, lemme know. I bet I could hook a girl up? (um, because I would never wanna know myself...wink)

P.S. Almost forgot the luxe details: Italian lambskin, magnet closure, trimmed with oiled calfskin. Lotsa zippers and pockets - a luxury handbag lover's delight!

[Photo Courtesy Gryson]

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