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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Most Soothing Bedtime Ever

For some unknown reason, I've been using an "energizing" body wash before bed. In the past, when I took every, single shower, in the morning before my 9-5, this would've been fine. But, let's fast forward a bit to my life now. It's changed slightly. Ok, it's changed enormously. I no longer have that 9-5, but now with little C. it's more like a 7-7 (a.m. to p.m., yup). Oh, and that doesn't count the five hours after that I spend blogging and doing things for myself...sigh. Ok, now's where the Philip B. lavender hair & body wash ($30) enters. Say it with me, ahhhh....

As you might guess, I no longer take those energizing showers in the morning, but instead relaxing ones just before bed (while d. takes over for little C's bedtime - whhhhhew). I've already been a big fan of the Philip B. line, but this purple bottle of enchantment was used in oh, about a week or so. Yep, that quick. It does double as both hair and body wash (so give me a break!), and that's one thing I love...quick and easy! And guess what? I didn't realize this the whole time, but now I'm ecstatic - it's sulfate free (which, if you've ever looked, it's SUPER hard to find in a shampoo these days...especially one that works right!). I have to use a little more than usual to work up a good lather in my hair, but you know what? I think I might have found my dream hair and body wash. (Think I can convince the PR girls I need a lifetime supply?? beauty girl problems...)

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  1. we've been using Lavendar baby wash & soothing lotion on both my Grandkids since they were born, & we SWEAR they help them off to sleep! This sounds divine.....

  2. It does sound great! I use lavender essential oil sea salts when I take a bath, but hadnt thought about relaxing in the shower.


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