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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Watches Are Still As Chic As Ever

This guest blogger is near and dear to my heart...why? Oh, maybe because it's D., my husband! Yep, he's blogged here in the past, but refuses to do it more than once (ok, maybe twice) a year. But, isn't he a good husband for letting you know about the latest and greatest in his chic little world? :)

I'm a watch guy. In today's world of smartphones, tablets, etc...I'm a dinosaur. This fact is ironic since my job is in the ever-changing world of networks, broadband and fiber. To date, I've noticed that of the 80 or so employees I encounter on a routine basis only one - I repeat, one - wears a wristwatch. To me, this is a sign that most of my fellow employees can't read an analog watch (ok, just joking). It really is a sign of the times though (as Dylan said - "those times are a'changing...").

My old watch is in serious need of repair - a new glass case and new battery. As I'm too lazy to fix these issues, I've subsisted using my cell phone for a clock. Imagine my surprise when J. gave me a new Orient watch for my birthday. An actual analog watch, no less. It comes from Orient's Automatic line (they also have pocket watches, sporty watches, an elegant line, plus several other options). I couldn't hide my excitement - a new toy! This "toy" turned out to be a rather sophisticated piece of machinery, as it happened. Water-resistant to 200 meters, stainless-steel band - complete with a date hand and what my father used to call a "compass dial" or "compass ring" for those intrepid enough to learn how to use the watch as a compass. Note: my dad knows how to do this, but I'm too lazy to pull out an old topographic map and practice. Take my word - it works well. 

The best thing about a real actual time-piece is that I can wear it and check it during the movies when I have turned off my cell phone. (Note for those of you who don't turn off your phones during the movie - SHAME on you! Are you reading J???)

Joking aside, my Orient watch has proven to be reliable, easy to handle, and easy to wear.  This last part is important with some wristwatches: you don't want an eight-pound piece of metal weighing your arm down. It's sleek as well as fashionable (for those who worry about these things). To me, it's been consistent and comfortable. It's easy to wind and has a feature where the wand will screw tight so that it won't get bumped and change the time accidentally (very nice). 

I'm intrigued now with the complete line of Orient products, which can be accessed via their web site: http://www.orient-watch.com/.

Here's hoping pocket watches come back in style.

FYI: D's watch was a gift from Orient (I know, how lame of me...), but in no way sways this review. The opinions are strictly that of D's, and trust me, those can be strong. ;) P.S. I would totally wear this watch myself - watch out, D.

[Photo Courtesy Orient]

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  1. Oooh I LOVE this company! I've yet to actually own one, but there are a few I've been LUSTING over! (Santa.... can you hear me?!?!?!)


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