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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Jessica Alba Gives Back

I've always had a soft spot in my celeb-loving heart for Jessica Alba. She just seems so nice, down-to-earth and giving. She's actually a board member for the organization Baby 2 Baby, which provides for those with babies who are not quite as fortunate (let's face it, she's def fortunate!). 

She recently visited McAlister High School in L.A. to hand out diaper bags full of clothes, diapers, bottles and books to pregnant teens/teens with very young babies. Most of the group was low income or even part of the homeless education program, so you can imagine how they felt when they met Jessica and she gave them all of these things! Some days, I'm so guilty of not realizing how lucky I really am. 

During her visit, Jessica explained that she knew first-hand how difficult pregnancy is even without juggling the demands of school, but explained that as a young woman, an education and a degree was critical to support themselves and their babies. She also answered questions about how she handles child care issues and even did a swaddling demonstration for the girls! 

Jessica's such a great person for helping out these girls and for helping out with Baby2Baby on a regular basis. Doesn't it inspire you to want to make a difference? I know it does me!
[Photo Credit: Justin Coit]

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