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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 for All Mankind Gets Us "Spring Happy"

Hold everything and set your peep-toes down. Did you know 7 for All Mankind carries shoes?! Heels, girls, heels. And they're the most beautiful heels I've ever seen from a "premium denim company." (the only?) They've expanded the line so much since it started in 2000, just a couple of years before I interned in NY and "Sevens" were on every, single girl's mind. I remember browsing the Web all day with my co-workers looking at them (yeah, we didn't work much, haha)...and when J. scored a coveted pair, I must admit I was jealous. Fast forward, nine whopping years for me, and my closet is exploding with Sevens (I finally got my first pair just as I graduated college in 2003). They're just so darn flattering, and I can't get enough of the pretty washes and pocket details. They're pretty much the original premium denim (nowadays there are TONS of labels!), and I still look to them in my closet for chicness. 

Here, I've shown you just a few of my spring outfit crushes, including the amazing jeans. The photo above features the Slim Straight in the Los Angeles Dark wash; the one just below is the Savanah (in the same wash...loving this darker wash!); and the last jeans shot shows the Bootcut in a Distressed Del Azul wash (so pretty, no?). Also, remember for spring: eyelet, comfy tees and bracelet sleeves (ahhhh, I'm already ready again...)

Ok, so let's talk about SHOES. I walked in my first 7 for All Mankind store in L.A. and it was so pretty - but that was before they carried shoes. Oh, to be in a store these days! I would need to be prepared to sit down over seeing these lovelies in person. Swoon. A few of my spring favs are below, and if you ask me, they're all perfect. I hate to jump the gun with spring, but by now, you probably have your fall shoes at the ready, and I'm trying get your feet prepared, right? Cork, cognac, dusty blue suede - oh, and black raffia. Wouldn't it only be fair to buy "seven" pairs? Springtime awaits. Wink.

[Photos Courtesy 7 for All Mankind]

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