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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bond No. 9 Is My New Favorite Perfume

I've never been happier with a perfume (ok, two perfumes) in my LIFE. No, don't roll your eyes at me. Hear me out. I've been wanting to try Bond No. 9 forever (forever ever). Besides hearing the scents are outstanding, I've always wanted one of those gorgeous bottles on my counter (clarification: this one hasn't come true just yet...I've been using the cute little tester samples wrapped up like candy...they're presh!) and the other reason? The names - oh the names. I chose Andy Warhol Union Square and Hamptons, and I'll tell ya why. (A) I lived in Union Square for a summer and it was the best summer I've ever had beyond a shadow of a doubt. (B) I once took the Jitney to the Hamptons and never wanted to leave. I bought shoes and had a Bloody Mary, and I've actually remembered both ever since.

So, back to the fragrances of Bond No. 9. I first tried Andy Warhol Union Square and became entranced (I even tweeted about it...it's so amazingly lovely...so lightweight and carefree!), but then...Hamptons blew me away, folks. And I can't help but claim a new fav. Is it the expensive taste in me, perhaps? The description says it combines florals and a creamy, ocean mist, so I'm betting that's the case. I heart both. While I'll probably need to work this one into the ol' "super-budget" (an Excel spreadsheet of mine used for lining up my shopping delicacies I can't live without) for now (a pocket spray alone costs $95), I will no doubt have this beautiful blue bottle atop my counter very soon (I'm scheming). 

And just so you know, there are some amazing gifts offered by Bond No. 9 this season, including the top photo - "A Perfumista's Perfect Ten." It's $250 (an awesome deal, if you consider the price points of these perfumes!), and includes 10 scents (yep, mine are both in there!). They're scaled down to 5 ml, but still. If you're like me, you like variety in scents, and you're bound to fall in love with many of these. 

So, there you have it. My new love affair with a perfume. Now, if I can wear my Hamptons in the Hamptons soon, I'll be an incredibly happy camper...(err, shopper?)

[Photo Courtesy Bond No. 9]

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