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Friday, November 4, 2011

Green is the New Black

Get ready for this. Olsenhaus. It's a shoe line. And a green shoe line (100-percent vegan all the way down to recycled shoeboxes, no less!). Founded by Elizabeth Olsen (and, no, not that Olsen), it's pretty much what I call genius in my book of shoes. Sassy, fun, vegan? Those words don't always go together. Lizzie, can I be your BFF for a day?

Often when you think of vegan shoes, your eyes roll (ok, mine do anyway). How can something that's good for our environment quite possibly look chic on our feet? Have you seen the shoes in this post, girlies? F to the A to the B. I can't stop and I won't stop looking at them. While I absolutely adore the vivid-hued pairs just below, my fav is by far the striped pair above. So modern and bold and perfect for these size-six-feet of mine. I could see me wearing these with jeans and a flowy red top to match the heel (I'm such a sucker for coordination). 

I'm so glad EO started this line (she's the former creative director for Tommy Hilfiger and has worked at Nine West, by the way) because it's lit a fire under me. I could def be more conscious of the types of shoes I wear, right? Elizabeth works to make sure her line is absolutely vegan and environmentally conscious and I commend her for that. I also commend her for creating what is a line of impeccably appealing shoes. If someone saw these on my feet walking down the street would they look twice? You bet they would! (and that's my shoe goal...)

[Photos Courtesy Olsenhaus]

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  1. Love it! The shoes are gorgeous but a little on the expensive side. I really hope lines like this one inspire other stores and brands to carry and make vegan shoe lines.



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