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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just had to write you all a little note to say Happy Thanksgiving! It's gonna be short and sweet because I've gotta go be with my family, which brings me to think about how incredibly thankful I am for them. Ok, I'm not gonna get all weepy on ya, but I really and truly am thankful for everything I've been blessed with in my life (whether it's family, friends, my abilities, my health or even the heels in my closet!). I'm very guilty of forgetting and just "living life," so I'm always glad to sit back and reflect on Thanksgiving...it's a good thing!

This year has been a true blessing, and I can't thank you enough for reading I Heart Heels. You all rock my peep-toe-loving world. Please keep reading - I heart you!!! Now go fill up on that turkey...air kisses from yours truly...xoxo

P.S. Rest assured you can visit tomorrow for a new contest while you take a break from all that shopping. Wink.

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