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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's All About Convenience

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Yes, let me tell you this is a sponsored post, but guess what? I wanna talk to you like you're a REAL person. You're an I Heart Heels reader, so let's keep this real and not fake (I hate those rambling fake sponsored posts on blogs that are just there, don't you?). Now that's we've established that, I've luckily never even been to the eye doctor one time in my life. Can you believe it? I have pretty perfect vision (um, until this computer gets the best of me...oy)! But, I've always heard about the site 1-800 Contacts - I mean, you have too, right?

Some girls choose to wear classic rims, some choose geek-chic black specs and others? They choose contacts! I'm pretty sure I look terrible in the former, so if and when the time comes for me to choose, I'll be going the contacts route, indeed. What's so cool about this site is you can order contacts like nobody's business...hassle free. And I'm alllll about convenience, girlies. And because they're the world's largest contact lens store, they keep the cost down and promise to beat any price on contact lenses (they carry the best brands, too, like Acuvue). And this my dear shoe-loving friends means what? Why, it means you have more time to go shoe shopping and more moola for those Louboutins. See, you knew I was going somewhere with this...

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