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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nikki Reed is Vibrant in Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne clothing always looks so fresh, young and vibrant to me. California cool is what she strives for (did you know she started her line eight years ago at just 19?!), and she pulls it off effortlessly. 

Nikki Reed attended a press conference for Twilight Breaking Dawn in Rome, Italy and wore the fuschia silk overlap dress from JK's current fall/winter collection (you can purchase it on shopbop.com for $650...). Although the hemline is indeed short, Nikki def has the legs to wear this type of dress (choose another style if you don't...). I'm so into all things billowy and flowy - they're so girly and figure forgiving. You can actually be comfortable in them and just be - without all the worries of how your figure looks (because let's be honest, we all worry to some degree when we go out). Bright colors are often left behind come fall, but I love how refreshing this dress is and how it really pops against the black in her heels. Don't be afraid of color this season! You'll stand out in a sea of LBDs...

P.S. This just in!! The peep-toe booties Nicki wore are the Casadei 8113 style from the current fall collection. Hate to sound greedy, but gimme, gimme, gimme!! I heart.

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