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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sponsored Post: Vintage Style in Celeb Culture

Vintage is back, and it’s taking a stand. Stars can be seen rocking the latest vintage styles everywhere, from casual tees to red carpet frocks. Vintage is everywhere. 

Old school tees have made their place known within the fashion world after being donned by stars such as Una Healy and Ashley Tisdale. Ranging from bands and brands to 80s sitcoms, casual t-shirts are the perfect way to get that must-have vintage style within the comfort of casual wear. With the main trend being to focus on old school cartoons, drinks brands and iconic films, there’s something for everyone, celebrity or not! Whether it’s Diet Coke, Top Gun or Labyrinth, Una Healy of the Saturdays can be seen wearing it. Same can be said for Ashley Tisdale, who can be seen showing her rock-girl side with a vintage style Nirvana top. High street stores and online shops have jumped on the band-wagon and vintage cardigans can be found everywhere. 

If you’re too cool for casual, then maybe evening glam is more your thing. For the celebs of us out there, vintage evening dresses are a must, and everyone has them. Dior, Chanel , Valentino have all had their moments on the red carpet with their vintage numbers thanks to stars such as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. The number one advantage of vintage dresses for star-studded events is the guarantee that any embarrassing ‘they’re-
wearing-the-same-dress’ moments are well and truly eliminated. Whether it was 1911 or
2011, when the dress was made is irrelevant, elegance and glam translate perfectly in any

Women’s vintage clothing within the celebrity culture is all about standing out. Whether that’s through a designer dress or printed logo tee, our stars are making a statement. All in all, vintage works across the board; casual to ultimate glam. 

[Photos Courtesy Fever]

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