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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tinsley Mortimer Dazzles in Ippolita

Now sure why I'm just now posting about Ippolita because celebs all over flock to it. And I see why...it's amazing jewelry! Last night, I could hardly read a tweet without H&M/Versace in it, and Tinsley Mortimer was one of tons of celebs to make an appearance at the Versace for H&M fashion show. 

She piled on the "Wicked" black rhodium and black onyx bangles (which I looooove...I wonder if they make noise though? I have a pair I never wear because of this...sometimes I just opt for a simple tennis bracelet, depending on my mood!), and she wore a pair of four-stone earrings to match. And the ring? Yup, it was also Ippolita - a sterling silver "Scultura" Extra Large Round Ring in black onyx with diamonds. Oh, the Tins. You certainly know how to dazzle us!

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