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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trend Alert! Velvet Jeans

So funny. I've been debating whether I should get a pair of velvet jeans this fall/winter. One of my stylist friends talked me out of it (I won't say who!), but then one of my blogger friends (ahem, heard of Eat, Sleep, Denim?) talked me back into the game. In fact, she has these same MiH Jeans (not sure what color) and says they're "stellar." I'm still waiting to read her review, but aren't you just smitten with them at first sight? 

Obviously until I try them on (any velvet jean, for that matter), I won't truly be able to solve my conclusion (are they flattering is my main question...), but I do know that these come in either the flare styled "Marrakesh" ($205) shown here (this would prob be the one I choose (the wide leg helps out in the slenderizing department if you're at all unsure like me!) or the Oslo slim leg (these are for those who know they'll look darn good in them, haha). Actually, I would try either because the slim leg would work great with those knee-high boots we all wear come winter. (alas, I'm such a terrible decision maker...) 

The Holiday Velvet Collection (as it's called) comes in several colors, including a bold, electric blue and a daring purple. I def am not confident enough to wear either of these, but I'm pining for the black velvet (go ahead and cue that song, I know...). 

Only time will tell if I make the big purchase...what do you think? Would you wear velvet jeans? I wanna hear from you!

[Photo Courtsey MiH]

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