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Friday, November 18, 2011

Win a Private LOFT Shopping Party!

Before you head out for the weekend, you must check out this contest, sponsored by LOFT and InStyle (Not sure about you, but I'm a huge fan of both!). Get this. It's a PRIVATE SHOPPING PARTY - for you and 20 of your closest friends (if I win, I'll take some of you guys, obvi...I mean, if you live around these parts)! Who couldn't shop the heck out of some LOFT with $500, right? And a styling session with Tai would be a dream. 

Good luck, my lovlies, and lots of air kisses! xoxo

[Photo Courtesy of LOFT]


  1. May I post this on my Google plus page? I know a lot of my followers are into Loft clothing.

    If not just let me know.

  2. sure thing! thanks for asking! xo


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