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Friday, December 2, 2011

12 Days, 12 Ways to FEED

I'm personally extremely attached to my FEED bag. Carry it everywhere. In case you aren't familiar, Lauren Bush Lauren (acclaimed model, activist, niece of former President George W. Bush and newly married to David Lauren, son of designer Ralph Lauren...whew!) designed the bag in 2006 and since then FEED has donated more than six million dollars and 60 million meals to the hungry. I'm amazed by it all - it's unreal. What a way to spend your time, no? Such respect for LBL - wow! 

And now during the holidays you can help donate with the fun new program: 12 Days, 12 Ways to FEED. From a Judith Leiber clutch that provides 1000 school meals, to teddy bears that provide invaluable nutrients to toddlers in need, each gift helps close the door on world hunger. 

We were sooooo excited to catch up with Lauren herself to ask her a few questions, so here goes!

I Heart Heels: We love your giving spirit - and hope it's contagious with our readers. Who in your life has inspired you to be such a giving person?
Lauren Bush Lauren:
Thanks! I think I was most influenced by my family, who are all giving people and exposed me to what it means to give back and how rewarding it is at an early age.  

IHH: Where did you get the inspiration to start FEED? 
LBL: I was first exposed to international aid work when I was at Princeton. During my sophomore year, the UN World Food Program was looking for a student spokesperson, which I more than willingly volunteered for. This meant that I would be able to travel the world to see critical relief operations, then come back to the states to speak to students about world hunger. These were life-changing experiences that gave me the inspiration to want to continue to raise awareness and money for WFP’s School Feeding program, which helps children worldwide.

Design has always been a big part of my life, so the idea of the first FEED 1 bag in a reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag came about as a really tangible way to create good products that help feed the world.

IHH: We absolutely love how you've made helping others so chic! Everything you make is adorable. What are a couple of FEED items you personally own and use?
That's a tough question because I own most all of them! But if I had to give a few shout-outs it would be to the original FEED 1 bag, the very multi-functional FEED 10 pouches, and the adorable FEED teddy bears that sit on my couch at home!

IHH: When you see someone carrying a FEED bag or other product how does that make you feel?  
LBL: It makes me so happy to see that the message about world hunger is being spread. You can’t always tangibly see the good that's being spread, but seeing a random person on the street carrying FEED products really hits home that we're truly making an impact on hunger and people’s lives worldwide.
IHH: What are you most thankful for this holiday season? 
LBL: I'm thankful for my health, family and friends! I’m also very thankful for all of our FEED supporters who've been instrumental in the mission to feed the world. 

P.S. The program started Monday, but runs all the way until December 9...to see all of the products, click here! Psst...one of my favs is the bag above. It was actually yesterday's suggestion, but I've still gotta have it. Um, like yesterday, ha.)

[Photo Courtesy FEED]

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