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Friday, December 23, 2011

Camilla Belle Carries the Rebecca Minkoff Kiss

Aww, I get all gushy and sweet when I see a Rebecca Minkoff bag I love (ok, yes, I do love them all...never met a Minkoff I didn't like, as I say), but look at this one! Camilla Belle wore the quilted leather Kiss studded convertible clutch (in red, no less) while shopping in L.A. yesterday. Let's all pause for a moment as we envy Camilla. 

Ok...moving on...

What would you wear with this bag? Um, everything under the sun (except, red obvi). Everyone needs a great red bag, just like a great red pair of heels. It's such an amazing way to add an instant pop of color (that doesn't come off as cheesy like other hues can...). Red is genuine; quilted is chic. Oh, and convertible is handy. The RM Kiss is next in line on my list! Smooches...

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  1. yes this is cute, i dont have many chain strap purses, but this one is def cute!


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