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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Chicest Slippers Around

As we head into the weekend (brrrr!), here's what's on my cozy lil' mind...a nice pair of chic slippers. I've literally been wearing the same pair of juvenile fuzzy slippers around the house (they're zebra and falling apart, don't judge) since college. It's pretty disgusting if you think about it, so we won't, right? Let's just focus on the beauties above. Jacques Levine (a 75-year-old slipper company!) is relaunching a collection just in time for the holidays. 

Think luxe velour, jewel tones, shearling lining and pure, pure elegance. Yes, dahling. This little number here is just a sampling of what's to offer in the collection priced between $98-128. Opening presents Christmas morning (or lounging by the fire, either way...) never seemed so chic...

[Photo Courtesy Jacques Levine]


  1. I want these so bad!!! Would do anything for these!!
    -Teri C.


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