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Monday, December 5, 2011

Essie School of Hard Rocks

I'm gonna give an honest, for real review here. Because I'm an honest person. I. LOVE. Essie. School of Hard Rocks. You know I don't wear anything on my nails but Essie, right? Well, I'm always sooooo excited when a new collection launches because that means I get to sample it early! Unfortch, then I'm faced with the decision if it's a tad bit early to wear summer hues in the fall (etc, etc.), and I always succumb to the reasoning that, yes, it is. And then have to wait and wait before I wear the shades out in public (ok, maybe I don't wait that long, but I do wait a little bit!). Enough rambling...

The winter palette is extraordinaire. It makes me happy to look at my toes in the doldrums of the already too-cold, gloomy weather. (Pilates class is a great place to show off those pretty toes, might I add!) So, School of Hard Rocks is my fav, and the one I'm wearing right at this very moment. It's a very pretty, subtle shade of green. Annnnd here comes the honest part. I haven't switched shades (eek!!). 


I have the entire collection, yes. But, I am so committed to this shade, folks, I can't hardly take it off. I've reapplied and reapplied for the last couple of months, and I understand it must stop. So, the next shade on my list is Cocktail Bling - a beautiful pale blue that I hope will let me share the love I have for my trusty ol' School of Hard Rocks. Also in the mix: Bobbing for Baubles (a dark blue sapphire), Brooch the Subject (a creamy cashmere), Size Matters (a hot ruby red) and Bangle Jangle (a pretty lavender). I'll let you make your own pick, but whatever it is, this collection's gonna make your feet look amazing with that winter bling.

[Photo Courtesy Essie]

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