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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Get Holiday Party Ready with the Simplest Beauty Products

Hiya! As you're prepping for all of those family holiday gatherings, Christmas parties and even New Year's bashes coming very soon, I wanted share with you some tips on how to perfect your makeup look. And it's by using some of the simplest tools around - Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly and Q-tips® Precision Tips™!  

I'm sure most of you already have a jar of Vaseline lying around in your beauty cabinet (it's an essential!), but guess what? The company just launched a new Lip Therapy that is pretty darn amazing. It never fails, every time the tiniest bit of cold air hits, my lips freak out and don't know how to handle (c'mon, lips, just one year without being chapped, please??)! So I've been using the cutest little sample of Lip Therapy (see the tininess above? Love it!) and it's really given my lips so hope. I like to dab a little on an old toothbrush and lightly brush across my lips to exfoliate. Works so well!

But besides using Vaseline for dry lips, you can use it so many other ways:
*Turn old lipsticks into fun, new glosses by mixing remnants with a dab of Vaseline.
*Mix a dab of it with loose eye shadow to create an eye shadow that moisturizes.
*Apply it to the apple of your cheeks for an instant glow.
*Apply it on your feet before putting on socks and wear overnight to help achieve smooth feet and toes.
*Use a dab of it to slick back stray hairs in a ponytail for a smooth, polished look.
*Create a homemade body scrub by mixing it with sea salt.

There are about 10 million different ways you can use a Q-Tips Precision Tip (really the only kind I use anymore!) to achieve your holiday look, so let me just list a few of my favs for you!
*They provide precise makeup application, are great for softening the bright colors, and safe for delicate skin around the eyes.
*You can use them as a disposable eye shadow brush, and you can layer all your colors without having to worry about washing brushes in between or using a ton of brushes!
*If you make a mistake, all you have to do is dip the tip in makeup remover and voila!
*Use it to dab three dots of concealer under the eye. Use the other end to blend!
*And, of course, use them to apply lip gloss from a pot! So easy, so useful...

Now, if you can just figure out which heels to wear, right?! Good luck! xo

[Photos Courtesy Rocket XL]

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