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Friday, December 9, 2011

Imagine A Day Without Your Smartphone

Seriously, can you imagine a single, day without your smartphone? Maybe you can, but us blogger chicks certainly can't! While I'll admit there are some days I feel like I should unplug, there is always a reason (even if it's non-work-related!), I need my smartphone. Directions to the shoe store in a city I'm visiting...an alarm clock for when I wake up early for a commitment (um, store sale, perhaps)...to check the weather to decide on my shoes for the day. And, of course, to snap plenty of photos. 

For instance, I was on my way to Robert Verdi's Luxe Lab last year during fashion week, and, you know me. I completely left my camera behind in the hotel. Hmph. Enter my smartphone. While I was pretty bummed about not having my camera, I couldn't believe the great photos my camera phone took - I was pleasantly surprised and pumped that I didn't have to miss the moment!

I think I use my smartphone for everything, really. Music at the gym...downloading music...texting my mom...check my fav blogs (including this one to make sure everything posted!)...email, email...oh, and, yes, I do use the phone! Haha. 

In other words, I can't really imagine having anything besides my smartphone (especially since it's so portable and I'm always on the go!). A day without it would be, um, well verrrrrry interesting. I don't think I want to try it (shaking my head).

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  1. i dont have to imagine a day without a smartphone, every day i live is without a cell phone and i survive quite nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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