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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Poncho Love

Ponchos are my friend. Ever since I saw a photo of  Jessica Simpson (back in the day) wearing an oversized black poncho (with brown, no less, a fav combo of mine), I went searching for my own. I still own it because it's so easy to throw on and look fab instantly...just make sure those shoes are cute and voila! But, that's because mine's black and I found it on sale for $20 (not so quality). I now have a brand-new poncho crush and it's this one (we shall refer to her by name, "Jasmine") by Manhattan designer Ulla Johnson.

Sorry to stare Jasmine, but you've got everything I'm looking for in a new winter poncho (not to mention, you look superb with the ol' tried-and-true riding boots). 100-percent Italian wool...fringe bottom...toggle closure (with leather, duh). And eek! You're on sale on Shopbop?? I can't.

Bye-bye old poncho, hello new poncho.

P.S. The best thing about these is they're one size fits all...um, perfect timing for the holidays, yes?

[Photo Courtesy Siren]

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  1. I actually HATE wearing a coat, & in AR I can usually get away w/wearing a Pasmina, Ruana or poncho most of the time - LOVE this one!!


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