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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rachel Bilson In Kelly Wearstler on ShoeMint

Rachel Bilson looks so gorgeous in this photo, doesn't she?! It's not like she doesn't always look good (not like that at all!), but, to me, she usually looks like the girl-next-door. Well, girl-next-door no more, folks! She's sultry (yes, still sweet) as she wears a Kelly Wearstler Palladian dress on the ShoeMint site. Oh, and about that ShoeMint, thing...

It's a new shoe collection that just launched by Rachel and her stylist, Nicole Chavez (who is sweet as peaches!! she's actually expecting a little one and I'm so excited for her!), in collab with Steve Madden. I haven't had a chance just yet to check out the site, but believe me, I've got my eyes on it right now. Once I've fully done my damage (I've heard amazing things about some sick heels on there...just sayin'), I'll report back. But, by all means, let me know about your experience, too! 

Peace, love and peep-toes...xo

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