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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Edible Art

In all of my aimless wandering on the Web for new and cool products little C. might be able to try, I came across We Can Too, an art supply company made from food-based organic ingredients. I know, coolest thing ever, right? 

Obvi our babies and toddlers are very curious creatures (little C. gets into everything these days, eek!), so Sarid Ditton founded We Can Too in 2007 (she now also works with Nichole Groat) to satisfy her baby's curiosity so that she could make art both fun and, well, non-toxic! 

little C's been using the Veggie Crayons ($11 for 5) lately, and while he mostly just scribbles right now, he loves it when I draw him a sun and moon (his favorites). They're the perfect size for his little hands to hold (although they are square, so it did take him a moment to realize they were different that the ones he's used to holding!). Um, and what can I say. He's just as intrigued with putting them in the sack and taking them out as well (and stacking the crayons). Haha. My little boy...gotta love him!

Now to the REAL fun...fingerpaints! ($35 for a set of 5) Yep, these are completely safe in case baby decides to insert their fingers into their mouth (like they so love to do) and try it out. They're made from real blueberries, pumpkin, beets and spinach...amazing, right? And such a great idea! All you have to do is add water and shake them. Then, just make sure you put them in the fridge (away from baby's reach, of course). And since they're organic, they're also VEGAN with no wheat, no sugar and no preservatives. 

What mom wouldn't love these right? I'm anxious to try the sidewalk chalk next!

[Photo Courtesy We Can Too]

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