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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Honor Wears Ash

Whoa, mamas! You're going to love these little kicks with all of your heart and soul. Ok, well I do. Ash makes some of the chicest footwear for us big folks, and the tiny versions are so eensy weensy and cute (insert mom voice). Jessica Alba's daughter Honor loves her Funky sneakers ($95...yes a bit steeper than what I normally spend, but hey, you totally pay for cute, right?!). 

The shiny studs, the worn-in look, the high-top style...I feel like these are a little too femme for little C's rugged style (what? your kid doesn't have a style? haha), but my niece M. needs these terribly bad...um, when she can walk. Oopsie. Maybe her aunt is jumping the gun a little too early. Can't help it, I get excited about shoes no matter whose feet they're on! 

P.S. You can pick up these Funky shoes (can't resist that play on words) here at Nordstrom.

 [Photo Courtesy Ash]

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