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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: little C. Turns Two

Just a quick lil' post to say how much fun little C's fish party was - he turned TWO (joke because that's how he says it...sort of shouts it...and holds up his fingers so cutely! oh, and then tries to say he's five...sigh...)! My mom always planned the best birthday parties for me with different themes every year, so I def know where I got this party-planning-machine attribute of mine. I can't stop; I won't stop. 

We had his birthday at the house again because, c'mon, he's too little to enjoy much else. It was mostly family, but my BFF L. did stop by with her precious tot baby A. And, of course, my sis had her bundle of joy baby M. there so there were babies everywhere! Didn't make me want another, by any means. Wink. 

You could say I went all out on the fish theme. I used some netting I already had from Pottery Barn to drape across the tablecloth I bought at Party City (this is where I always buy all of the paper goods and such...too easy!). For the snacks, I filled a plastic (unused) fish tank full of little Goldfish crackers; and I set out croissants with tuna fish (a fav of little C's!) and cheese cubes (um, another of his favs). The cake came from the same company as last year (Blue Cake Company) - chocolate upon chocolate...YUM, YUM. And I even found a cute little orange fish to stick on top from Hobby Lobby, of all places. My fav part, of course, were the fish-shaped cake pops. I found a local stay-at-home-mom/baker in my area just by searching Facebook and she did AMAZING. Don't you think? (lemme know if you're local and you want to use her and I'll send you her info!) Not to mention, they tasted soooo freaking good. Unfortch, little C. thought the same, so I didn't get to eat all of them. :)

I even thought for a month (ok, I actually bought it and returned it) about gifting little C. with his own fish tank, alas, it was just another thing on my plate and in the long run his new tricycle was SUCH a hit. Right now he's still practicing getting on and off, but he can already do it by himself and it almost makes me cry! So precious. (the tricycle has a bell, too, and I think that's a fav part of his)

It was such a great day and I truly can't believe the next party will be for when he turns three. My little baby is now a full-fledged toddler (I can't even begin with those stories...that's another post...). 

P.S. little C.'s fav part of the party? Balloons by far. Can you say obsessed??

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