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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Santa's Visit

Hi, chic mamas! I told you all I wouldn't be able to stay away. I'm actually running a 100-degree temp right now, but blogging always makes me feel better, so here's hoping...guess we had a little too many festivities over the past few weeks! Can you believe Santa came to our house? This was the first year little C. *really* knew what to think about it all, and of course we had the video camera out (by the way, no one gets to see since I had not changed into my chic PJs just yet or brushed my hair...ugh). 

I ordered this Recycled Canvas Play Tent ($229) from Restoration Baby & Child TWO whole months before we received it. I was so nervous the entire time because when I ordered it, the shipping status said it wouldn't ship until Dec. 11 and wouldn't receive it until Dec. 19. Talk about cutting it close!! But, I had total faith in RH because I practically did little C's whole nursery with items from the company - and always had a great experience. So, yes, after I called for the two weeks leading up to Christmas, turns out it ended up shipping LATE and this mama was in a panic. But, guess what? They were able to deliver it on the same day promised and I had the best customer service reps every time I called (hello, they even let me use the Friends & Family discount when I received it the day after I ordered...so nice!). You just can't beat good service like that, and that's why I continue to go back to RH time and time again. L to the O to the V to the E.

So, about the "teepee," as I call it? little C. LOVES it. (thank goodness...wasn't cheap!) He wants me (or his daddy) to sit inside it with him and play, which is adorable (and yes, sometimes, we're a little tight on space!). He's taken to the game of throwing his new football through the window over and over (such a boy, right?). And he has a teepee dance where he bounces around on his toes and say "teeeeepeeeeee." Pretty sure this kid is happy about his play tent! 

The Royal Air Force-inspired logo looks downright real on the recycled (very sturdy canvas), and there are ties on the "door" so you can make things even cozier as little C. likes to do. It takes up a pretty good amount of space, but we had already cleared just the spot, having had it in mind for several months (takes up about an entire wall in his room). Rest assured, RH offers three different girl patterns, and this one for boys. I'm pretty much in love with it and think Santa did an amazing job...don't you??

P.S. It's made of collapsible aluminum poles, and one of them snapped immediately when we moved it from the living room to the playroom. Um, yes, you can say this mama was freaking out just a tad (ok, I was almost in tears), but luckily D. had a spare rod (what? I know, right?!). So, I'm hoping RH takes note of this detail in the future.
[Photos from rhbabyandchild.com]

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